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Starting a new campaign can be a time consuming, but we can help you get results right away by just getting in touch!

Why Us?

The number one rule in marketing is knowing your audience. For over ten years, the founders of LS5 have assisted law firms in thousands of initial screenings intakes of clients. This has allowed us the opportunity to create advertisements that our audience understands and can relate to.      

Happy Customers

LS5 measures success by the return on investment.

What We Offer 

1. Ad Design 

Do you remember the last ad you saw? Companies are fighting for ad space, but most of all, your attention. We create eye-catching ads.

2. Lead Generation 

Each campaign is tested and retested until we can get the lowest cost per lead possible.   

3. Intake 

Anyone can answer a phone and gather information but knowing your criteria, asking the right questions that you provide, and forwarding only those potential clients, meeting your specifications is what our intake staff are trained to do.

4. Retention 

Our professional staff has experience in retaining qualified clients with a  90% closing ratio in the following campaigns:

  • Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting 
  • Hurricane Harvey Flood
  • NorCal Fire 
  • Amtrak train derailment 
  • GM Ignition Switch 
  • Takata Airbag 
  • Remington Rifle recall

  • Invokana 
  • Talcum Powder 
  • IVC 
  • Taxotere 
  • Mesh 
  • Benicar 
  • RoundUp 
  • Mesothelioma
  • Lipitor 
  • Risperdal 
  • All Hips
  • Blood Thinners 

and much more!

5. Quality   

We understand the frustration of receiving a case, ordering medical records and the information that was given to you does not add up. We hold ourselves to higher standards and value our partnerships.

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